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Advertise with Goalwire

At Goalwire.com, advertisers reach a distinct target audience in an professional, up-to-date, exciting and fun context.


We can offer advertising space in a wide range of different sizes and formats, from small text ads to large rich media banners. Standardized formats and visitor statistics are available upon request and we are always happy to discuss your campaign to meet any specific requests or needs you might have.


Advertise with Goalwire to:

  • - Reach your target audience quickly
  • - Easily measure and evaluate your campaign
  • - Get a low cost per impression
  • - Minimize wasted coverage
  • - Use text, images, and/or rich media formats


For more information, statistics and quotes – please contact Jonas Aschbacher at jonas[AT]sportsverige[DOT]se.


Goalwire.com is also a part of the "Sportsverige" advertising network, Sweden’s largest network of sports related websites, reaching over 200 000 unique visitors each week. To read more about Sportsverige, please visit www.sportsverige.se.


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